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The Little Prince in Klingon


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The Little Prince in Klingon

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The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is one of the most translated works worldwide. After appearing in the year 1943, it had been translated into more than 300 languages by 2018, so it was just a matter time to get a Klingon version of it. This was accomplished by the 75th anniversary of the work.

This famous story had been meticulously translated over several years by Klingon language expert Lieven L. Litaer, who had gathered experience from several other translation projects. In this work, it was a deliberate decision to not change the story and move it to a Klingon setting. Instead of that, the translation sticks very much to the original and serves as a lerning lecture for students of the Klingon language.

On the occasion of the translation of The Little Prince, Klingon language inventor Dr. Marc Okrand has communicated with his Klingon informant Maltz, who then provided a handful of new Klingon terms needed for this translation.

– This book contains a forword in English, the main text in Klingon only, and the appendix with Okrand's notes on new words in English.
– For delivery outside Germany, please order at Amazon.com


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