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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Klingon/English)

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Klingon/English edition


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With „QelIS boqHarmey –Alice's Adventures in Wonderland“ Klingon language expert and teacher Lieven L. Litaer presents another Klingon translation of world literture.

The contents of this book should be know to everyone, but this translation is not just a pure translation of the story. As this work is filled with nonsense and crazy wordplays, the Klingon version also offers tons of new words plays, which are not only made for Klingonists. The book comes with a literal back-translation in English, so that one can compare the translation to understand the word plays.

In addition to that, the book has a long appendix with explanations on new words created for this project, and also an insight on how and why some decisions were made.

More information about the book on alice.klingonisch.de

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